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Sarracenia alata with a lagniappe, 2005

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But enough of these distractions: here is what I really came to see--Sarracenia alata! Now recall that I was in a nature preserve, and didn't have leave to wander off the trail. So this photograph is somewhat evocative for me of the site--lovely plants, just a little out of reach.

These flowers really make the plants stand out. If you want to survey for Sarracenia, flowering time is a great time to do it, even if the pitchers don't look their best. I resolved to click my GPS as frequently as possible to record Sarracenia alata sites. No doubt I will return on some future trip, and at that time I will have places to visit.

Damn, the friggin fire ants were getting furious at the rising waters (their nests were flooding), and in response they started to swarm everywhere, even far from their nests. OW! OW! OW! Every now and then they really knock your socks off with a really powerful sting. OW! OW! OW!

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