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Western Australia in 2007

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I have a particular fondness in my heart for this plant. Back in the early '90s I had a large collection of pygmy Drosera. In fact, I had every species in Lowrie's Vol. II except for D. barbigera, if memory serves. Anyway, when not in flower a great many of the pygmies look very similar, but this one always stood out to me because of its strongly 5-angled stipule bud, and the way its leaves come out in a very regular 5-merous pattern.

For all the world, the rosettes look to me like little space modules landed on a mysterious planetary surface. You see that, don't you?

Here is an image of the second lander, the Androsaceae II.

With no time to return to Utricularia tenella, we left for our next destination. But having given us four new species (D. bulbosa, D. intricata, D. androsaceae, and U. tenella), this was an excellent bathroom stop!

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Revised: December 2007
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