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Western Australia in 2007

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We also spotted this bladderwort, Utricularia tenella, on the moist soils. This tiny little species is like the underfed sibling to Utricularia multifida. The easiest way to tell the two species apart is overall size, but in borderline cases you can use the fact that the clublike spur of U. tenella is about as long as the lower corolla lip, while the spur of U. multifida is much shorter than the lower corolla lip.

Here is a closer view of the flower on the left.

Oh, while crawling around we also found some U. menziesii leaf rosettes, but no flowers.

I was thinking about taking out some extra gear (extension tubes and the like) to get closer views of the Utricularia tenella flowers, but Phill had found some new plants and was calling for me to join him. ("Oh Barry, a new species for you over here.")


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