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Western Australia in 2007

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White flowers:
Phill was of course ranging about the bush looking for plants; he was tireless. Beth joined him to look at some orchids; beyond her I could see this lovely Drosera erythrogyne clambering up some dead branches. It looked great, so I set up my gear to photograph it. The wind was intolerable, and it took about 15 minutes of photographing blurry garbage before I was able to get this usable image. I was pretty pleased.

Later, I discovered that Beth had photographed this very plant before me. See the little architecture of twigs at the lower right, propping up the vertical twig that the Drosera erythrogyne is climbing? That was her construction!

And!... And, she was somewhat irritated that I had casually sauntered up and photographed a plant that was a subject of her extended labors! How was this my fault?!

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Revised: December 2007
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