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Western Australia in 2007

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Back on dry land:
Having blown out our brains with the incredible views of Cephalotus on the beach, Phill drove us about 25 km east on the South Coast Highway to our next location; an open woodland on white sand. The sand was deep here, in fact deep enough that large amounts of the sand had been excavated in spots, leaving behind deep pits that had filled with tannic waters. Yes, the area had seen some abuse, but even so there were many interesting plants there and I suspect that given peace and time, the site could recover completely.

The clouds had started to dissipate, the sun appeared, and the wind started to gust. This complicated photography, but during a quiet moment I got this nice image of Drosera sulphurea. Look how the long-pedicelled leaves reach out and grab the surrounding vegetation.

Look here for another view of the same plant.

A pity that the plant isn't in flower, because it has--as you might guess from the species name--nice yellow flowers.

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