The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Western Australia in 2007

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Phill drove us a short distance to a quiet cove on the coastline. The plan was to walk along the shoreline until we came to a plant site Phill said we must see.

Walking along the coastline turned out to be tricky. Waves were essentially absent, but there was no beach--the steep hillside (really, a cliff) dropped directly to the water's edge. We had to pick over way over the exceedingly slippery rocks, while fighting through the branches of the shrubs that hung over the water. Eventually, as was inevitable, we removed our shoes and socks, and took to wading in the shallow water. While it was easier and safer, the water was so cold that our toes became numb and our shins ached. The footing varied between soft sand, sharp edged rubble, and many-angled rock bedding; the coldness of our feet somehow amplified the pain of each footfall. Ooch! Eeech! Achh!

Along the way, we found this little vertical ledge encrusted with Drosera pulchella. Phill was unimpressed, having seen much larger specimens in his time. Still, it was exciting for me. Here is a closer view of some of the largest plants.

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