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Western Australia in 2007

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Even so, I fought my way in a little to get this closer view of the stem. Notice the leaves, cemented to the tea tree branch. (Here is another view of the same plant.).

Sunset was approaching, so we trundled back into the car and immediately steamed up its windows with our soaked clothes. Wiping away the condensation, we headed south to a small bordello that Phill knew about in Walpole. Yes, Phill had decided we would spend the night in an establishment called "Tingle All Over".

Phill clarified--it was not a bordello at all, in truth it was a hostel which had a name that commemorated the fact that the area was heavily forested with spectacular Eucalyptus jacksonii, which are commonly called tingle trees. Ah, that would explain why our "bordello" lacked prostitutes.

A cause for great amusement was the discovery that Beth was incapable of remembering the name "Tingle All Over," and instead insisted on calling the bordello the "Tickle Me Silly." An odd thing, her brain.

After checking in, we changed our clothes, dined, and then spent the evening draining our memory cards onto the portable 80-Gig hard drives we had brought. It was fine being warm and dry!

The next morning we woke early, and geared up for the day's adventures. Unfortunately, all our clothes from the previous day were still wet (including every pair of socks I had brought!), so I ran them through the Tickle Me Silly's clothes dryer while we breakfasted. Alas, the dryer apparently had no heat and after 45 minutes of being tumbled in humid, cold air, our clothes were possibly even wetter than before.

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