Cinema Negra: the Galleria Theatre

We are proud to present "Die Digestern," an opera in five acts. Sadly, we must remind our more vulgar patrons, the images you can see here may not be shown elsewhere. Those that dare take them will hear from the Galleria's lawyers.

drosera Act 1:
We meet Singurrd, a simple woodsman who sells log sharpeners on the edge of the forest. One day he becomes lost, so he asks the Sundew Maidens to guide him on his way. They rejoice, and sing a song of mucous. Singurrd is bedazzled and vows that the Sundew Maidens must be his own.

utric Act 2:
We begin this act under the river Yudrick, where the evil mishapen pixies live. They plot of ways to capture all the waters of the lands, so even the great gods will have to pay them tribute. Their leader, Hildred, demands gold from the other pixies, but all his requests are denied. Outcast, he swears he will not forget his humiliation. The remaining pixies dance wildly, and this only increases Hildred's fury.

drosophyllum Act 3:
After many tests of his fortitude, Singurrd arrives at the cloud-castle where the huge Drosoffs toil ceaselessly. Singurrd replaces their wine-flagons with barrels, so the giants become drunk when they slake their thirsts. After they fall asleep, Singurrd dances around their bodies. Unable to recall why he came to the cloud-castle, he cuts off the legs off the giants, then runs out of the castle, tumbling from the clouds to the ground. The giants are unable to chase him so they sing a song of woe.

venus flytrap Act 4:
Hildred's sister, Irmhosten, has learned of her brother's humiliation. She travels across the land until she finds the eight Rock Witches. These witches give her a mighty hide which gives her the power of transforming into a tree. This provides Irmhosten with great amusement, and she loudly proclaims, "I look like a tree, and none can claim otherwise."

venus flytrap Act 5:
The last act takes place in the tunnels belonging to Irmhosten's angry sister, Frousten. When Singurrd appears carrying Irmhosten's tree-hide, Frousten demands he return it to the Drosoffs. Singurrd agrees, but instead gives it to Hildred, believing the pixie to be a legless Drosoff. Hildred runs with the tree-hide back to his cave, and transforms it into a magical goblet. The Sundew Maidens see the metamorphosis occur, and ask the audience the musical question, "Why must goblets be denied humankind?" The Drosoffs reply with a lightning storm, and the ensemble takes cover. Only Frousten remains to ponder her life.


venus flytrap

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November 2007