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Southern Portugal in 2011

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More prey:
These plants definitely look like they're scoring something.

Speaking of scoring something, I had a very odd experience in downtown Lisbon. I don't know why, but for some reason, to the criminal element of Lisbon, I apparently look exactly like someone who might be looking for drugs. On a single evening walk in Lisbon, people tried to sell me cocaine three different times. It was bizarre! The first time, as I was walking, a guy walked in front of me sideways--setting off alarms because I thought we was going to try to mug me. But instead, when he got in front of me, he HISSED at me, and then quickly added "Coke!" in a low but urgent voice. Later, another interceptor urgently whispered "White!" at me.

This never happens to me elsewhere. I must fit some Lisbon profile as a drug fiend.

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Revised: June 2011
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