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Dodging Montana bears in 2006

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I hunched over the U. minor with my photography gear while Beth stood tall and looked for Drosera. She knew she was looking for hibernating plants, but somehow she was off her game that day. She told me she hadn't seen any Drosera yet, just a bunch of weird little reddish buds in the muck....

Hmmmm.... This sounded both suspicious and propitious.

I joined her and saw she had indeed found hibernating Drosera! But what species? A quick look at the dead leaves (their blades were longer than wide) indicated either Drosera anglica or D. linearis. Notice that the leaf in this photograph broadens rapidly at the base, after which the leaf margins are parallel. This is a little hard to see on the dead, crinkly leaves, but I think you can see those features.

We examined plant after plant to make sure we were seeing consistent features. Indeed, it appeared that the plants were Drosera linearis! I had been told that both D. linearis and D. anglica occurred at the site, so we approached each plant with an open mind.

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