The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Massachusetts and Vermont in 2006

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Clean up:
We decided it was time to call it quits for our fen trip, so we paddled back to the entry point and cleaned the gelid slime from the canoes. My guides left, but I stayed for a while to photograph a few plants of interest, such as this Gentianopsis crinita. This was also when I photographed the turions, by the way.

Having finished, I needed to wash off the mud and plant fragments that were caked onto my pants and spattered everywhere else, including in my hair. My socks and boots were simply deplorable. There was a big cleaning trough nearby, serviced with a faucet that issued cold water, and I used that to clean myself as much as I could.

Nearby a wedding party was assembling, and a few participants clad in tuxedos and gowns were drawn to the water faucet to fill their flower vases. They looked upon me with horror, and kept a safe distance.

Refreshed by my cold ablutions, I piloted my car north for a few hours. Along my way, I decided on a lark to drive using a different route than I had planned. This was a bad idea, as the winding country roads were difficult to navigate. I got completely lost, even though I had a GPS point for my trailhead parking spot. Finally, by navigating blindly and exploring lots of roads, I found the way to my trailhead. What a waste of valuable time; I was kicking myself!

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