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Idaho fen-hopping in 2006

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Despite being overheated, dehydrated, and hungry, I took a few photographs of the plants. I noticed that the plants were in general small and the leaf blades were quite short. I sometimes ask myself what I would think if I were to see a plant well out of its commonly accepted range. If I encountered these plants in the eastern US I would dismiss them as being Drosera intermedia, while in California I might think they were the hybrid Drosera ×obovata. I found a few infructescences and demonstrated to my satisfaction that they were plump with ripening seed, so clearly they were not Drosera ×obovata. Still, the leaves were very short, especially compared to the longer-leaved plants that I have encountered in California.

I realized that I needed to walk the km or so back to my stashed gear so I could hydrate and eat lunch. Despite the fact that there was a whole, unexplored population of Drosera anglica around me, I needed sustenance. I considered dropping my excess gear under an obvious tree, but a moment's reflection ruled this out as a foolish idea--it would have been too easy to misplace my belongings that way, and I didn't want to spend my precious time looking for lost luggage.

I dragged my feet back to the eastern corner of Tranquil Basin for lunch. And just ten minutes before I reached my gear...more Drosera anglica! In fact, an area of plants just as large as the site I had found on the far western corner of the valley! Blast!

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