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Idaho fen-hopping in 2006

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Coral root:
At sunrise I started my hike. The trail in front of me was short--less than five miles--but it promised to be dusty and full of elevation rise, so an early start was needed to avoid the heat. I had obtained permission from the Forest Service to collect plants for herbarium specimens, so I brought my collection equipment with me in addition to camera gear, food, water, binoculars, navigation tools, field guides, and so on. In short, I was loaded down!

This is Corallorhiza maculata in fruit. All the Corallorhiza I saw on this trip were well past flowering, but here is photograph of Californian plants for you.

As a side note, it was right around here that the previous evening I found a broad ant trail about a hand-span wide and a few meters long. The reddish ants were all heading the same direction. Unlike most ant trails which have no clearly defined beginning and end, this was a huge phalanx of ants on an errand of mischief. I later found out, via my trusted source Phil Ward, that these were Polyergus ants (probably P. breviceps) on a slavemaking raid of another colony, where they'd steal pupae that would be forced into a life of servitude. Crazy!!

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