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Idaho fen-hopping in 2006

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Calochortus eurycarpus:
Meeting over and my clothes washed in a coin-op laundromat, I returned to the road. My drive took me several hours into the mountains. I drove back to Warm Lake, but this time I continued past it on a dust-choked gravel road for about twenty-five miles through the mountains. My rental Chevy Cavalier didn't have too much trouble with the road, but the slow progress did get tiresome after a while. Fortunately, the wildflowers along the way were delightful and I stopped several times to photograph them. This Calochortus was very common.

In time--in a long time--I reached my trailhead where I set up camp at the end of a spur road in mixed pine forest. The site was dusty and hot despite its moderately high elevation (1600 m/5300 feet), and as I ferried gear from my car to my tent I created roiling clouds of reddish dust. Camp prepared, I still had several daylight hours left so I botanized, birded, and photographed. That evening I kept my ears at the ready as I hoped to hear wolves (I was camping at the interface of two Idaho wolf pack ranges). Alas I heard nothing of special interest.

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