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Florida Panhandle in 2008

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One man's treasure:
Sure enough, Hosford bog had a lot of Dionaea. The site was pretty heavily impacted, and there were poaching holes here and there. But as far as I was concerned, it is little more than a trash dump---litter disguised as a set of poorly monitored, uncontrolled "experiments."

Apparently Sarracenia leucophylla has been planted at the site, but fortunately, no one has yet planted highly invasive species like Drosera capensis, as has been done at the Mendocino dump sites in California. I hope the plantings of new species have stopped.

Here are the three of us, me on the left, Bob in the middle, and Jim on the right, offering a sprig of Sphagnum in the universal, "Hey dude, care to partake?" gesture.

After this, Jim and Bob headed back to Tallahassee. As it was still only around 4 in the afternoon, I headed back into Apalachicola to meet Brian, or at least try all depended upon whether or not the Twilight Zone factor was still in effect.

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