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Florida waterscapes in 2003

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After communing with the otter, I lugged my gear back to the car. It was three hours until sunset, and I was only one hour away from a place that I expected would be a trip highlight...

Before I started my Florida trip, I had secured excellent directions for perhaps the finest site to see Utricularia simulans. This plant only occurs in southern Florida (at least, in the USA), and at only a few scattered locations. I knew it was extremely unlikely I would be able to see it in flower (it was the wrong time of the year), but since it was "the best place to see it", I had to give it a shot. It was likely that at least I would see Pinguicula pumila (which I had not seen before in the wild), and a few other common species like Utricularia cornuta, U. subulata, and maybe Drosera capillaris. (I was excited to see what this last species would look like, since I had heard rumours of very large plants in southern Florida.)

So via the Tamiami Trail, I headed for an area near the coast--outside of Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve, but still in a location surrounded by large expanses of natural areas. My instructions were great, and I arrived at my destination without incident. I got out of my car, and saw...

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