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Florida waterscapes in 2003

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Reflecting pond:
This lovely pond is where I broke for lunch. Although occasionally marred by swirls, the surface of the water was often glass-smooth, and made fabulous reflections. As I sat at the water's edge munching my sandwich, I was bemused by the strange, gurgling aquatic sounds the water made as it surged in and out of a hidden passage cut into the bank of the pond. After lunch, I set up my gear to take this photograph. You can imagine my surprise when suddenly an inquisitive otter popped its head out of the water, just a few arm's lengths from me. It regarded me with interest, then returned to its foraging--evidently, the watery gurgling that had been entertaining me was the otter's breathing in its hidden den!

I spent another hour photographing plants and botanizing around the pond, while the otter brought fish and crayfish out of the pond to eat. It was dreamy--just the otter and me. Neither of us bothered or pestered the other, we didn't mind each other, we just did our separate tasks in each other's presence. It was a gentle and sweet moment, and I will hold the memory forever.

(No, there are no photographs of my otter-friend. I was using slow film--Velvia--and the otter's darty, jittery movements would have made for a terrible image.)

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