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Montane California Darlingtonia in mid-winter, 2010

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Snowfall increases:
Here is another view, looking upslope, in an area not quite so lumpy.

You can see the snow was really starting to come down hard. I did some math and figured that for us to get back to the main highways, assuming normal snow shoeing speeds and no problems getting the car moving, we could spend only about 30 minutes at the site. We had already used half of that.

Seeing the snow coming down so hard was making me quite anxious. I really did not want to return to the car, to find it stuck in the snow, so far from civilization. (Cell phones are useless in the mountains.)

Along the tree line, about five tree trunks (counting from the right), do you see a moderate sized tree, with a more slender one to its left (and then some brush), and a little stump to its right? Good.

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