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Montane California Darlingtonia in mid-winter, 2010

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Spring view:
This is what the site looked like on an early spring day, several years back. You can see a few patches of Sierra Nevada snow lingering in the background. The pitchers are all beaten down by the rigors of the winter snowfall.

Beth and I began the day driving as far to the site as we could. We followed Interstate 80 high into the mountains, and then a few winding mountain highways, and finally a narrow mountain road that led into alpine life zones.

We were several km along the mountain roads when we reached the point where snow blocked the road. Conveniently, a large pullout gave us room to park. Indeed several other trucks were parked there too--all with strange custom-built trailers that were obviously used to haul weird recreational snow vehicles that defy simple description.

The sky was heavy with clouds, and I was a little nervous about the day's weather--a massive blizzard was predicted for early evening. If the snow started accumulating early, turning the car around might result in our getting stuck--far from any easy help. I parked the car facing downhill so at least we were pointing in the direction of our escape. Beth and I strapped on our show shoes and started the long trudge along the drift-covered road.

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