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By the Mountains of Madness

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Why, it is a sundew, of course! In fact, it is Drosera anglica, a fairly uncommon sundew for California. Rare for the sunshine state, indeed, but this plant is found in many northern and chilly bogs of the world. Current thought is that it evolved via natural hybridization (between D. linearis and D. rotundifolia) in the Great Lakes region.

Even though this plant is globally widespread and so maybe a little mundane for some, I wonder if the Californian plants are a little "special"--I am frequently impressed at how long and narrow their leaves can be. Focus on the plant just to the right of center in this photograph. Do you see the plant with very long, vertically oriented leaves? Perhaps you cannot see it quite properly in this photograph, so let me show you another.

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Revised: October 2007
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