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Splinter Hill Bog, Alabama, 2010

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Frustration, big time
Keith next led us to an area where there were many specimens of Sarracenia alabamensis subsp. wherryi (=Sarracenia rubra subsp. wherryi).

Here it is, slightly closer.

Remember that Beth's camera was dead, but we both photographed by sharing my camera and swapping out her and my memory cards. Sadly, just after I took these images I discovered that I could not find my 2-Gig memory card...the card I had spent all morning filling with images was gone. card was gone.

I checked pockets, I checked the ground, I checked Beth's pockets, I looked under my tongue, I revisited the last three places we had been.

The card was gone, as were all my Sarracenia leucophylla and orchid images from that morning.

I was, shall we say, perturbed. To show for a full day's work, I only had a few S. psittacina and S. alabamensis subsp. wherryi images. I don't often lose my temper, but this was a time I did.

I needed a little alone-time. Fortunately, my companions had the good sense to leave me alone in my storm cloud.

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