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Splinter Hill Bog, Alabama, 2010

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Starting afresh
My composure recaptured, we jumped in our trucks and headed to the only local eatery--a deli in the corner gas station.

Ordering sandwiches was fun. I have a flat, Midwestern USA accent, tinged with about a decade each spent in Arizona and California. So I enjoyed when the southern Alabama woman making my sub sandwich told me that I was hard to understand because of my thick accent.

Back at the house, as I downed my sandwich, two liters of water, and a couple of beers, my sense of perspective came back. So I had lost a morning of images---so what? I had been planning on taking the sweltering afternoon easy. Now, with the approaching afternoon clouds upon me, my mandate was clear---I could recover all those images by working during the afternoon hours of high heat. Yes, I would sweat like an pig, but with perseverance there was nothing to stop me from regaining what I had lost.

So that's what I did. All those images I've shown you so far were actually taken in the afternoon, during magical quiet moments when the sun skirted the edges of clouds.

I began my work with the above image of Drosera tracyi. This is an unusually difficult plant to photograph because your depth of field has to be just right. I clearly did not succeed on this image---too much of the background is in focus.

Oh well...something to work on during another trip to the southeast.

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Revised: June 2010
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