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Cattle grazing and misplaced priorities (v2.0)

-- Illegal Grazing in 2001-2002 --

The following photo-essay documents a case of the conflicts between grazing, private property laws, and basic environmental values.

Updates: 29 April 2002: I spoke with Forest Service staff, who assured me they were intending to make various (as yet unpublished) changes as to how the cattle were managed, in order to keep the cattle out of the delicate Darlingtonia site. I have accordingly reduced the web site vitriol a certain degree. See in particular my new comments at: page 20, page 21, and page 22.

The views expressed in the domain do not necessarily reflect those of my employers, granting agencies, or nonprofit organizations with which I work. Nor do they necessarily represent the opinions of the owners of the land discussed in this photo-essay, or the organizations that hold the conservation easements. The opinions expressed in are those of myself--a scientist who is angry to see an important ecological site being damaged simply because the cattle grazing laws do not allow for sufficient protection of highly sensitive natural area.

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