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Q: Carnivorous plants of southern Africa--Roridula homeland!

A: On this page, I will note all the carnivorous plants known to occur in South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland. All other parts of Africa, including Madagascar and the Seychelles, are simply indicated as "northern Africa."

I expect this page will be frequently updated as new species are discovered and described. Before we get to the large genera for South Africa, I note three species of carnivorous plants to get them out of the way quickly and easily:

Many of these species are very similar to each other; some experts would lump some of these species, other experts would go further and describe infraspecific varieties (especially for D. cistiflora). Definitely a controversial group:

Africa has a large number of species in it; but oddly enough, only Utricularia sandersonii is endemic to South Africa.

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Page citations: Gibson 2008; Rice, B.A. 2006a; Schlauer, J. 2002; Taylor, P. 1989.


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