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Q: Carnivorous plants of northern Africa--little known species!

A: The number of carnivorous plant species known from Africa, Madagascar, and the Seychelles is huge, so on this page I have excluded those carnivorous plants that are found exclusively in the three countries at the southern tip of the continent: South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland.

Even so, I am afraid that the carnivorous plant biodiversity of Africa is enormous! Most of Africa's carnivorous plants are in the genera Drosera, Genlisea, and Utricularia. Many of these species are very poorly known.

Smaller genera
The African inventory includes noteworthy but small additions from five other genera:

About half the species in this genus occur in Africa; all are endemic to the region treated on this page, except for G. hispidula which also occurs in South Africa:

In this part of the world, the genus Drosera is represented by 10-15 species or so, many of which are very poorly understood:

The contribution from Utricularia is enormous, and many are endemic to this region. Last I made an effort to count, I figured there were nearly 40 species from this region. Now, I would expect the number to be even greater.

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