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Q: Carnivorous plants of South America--a land of grotesque wealth!

A: South America is truly glutted with carnivorous plants! Not only does it have species from several genera, it is endowed with the tepuis of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana, where Heliamphora and other spectacular carnivorous plants grow. On this page I will mention these and all of the other carnivorous plants that are known from the thirteen countries that comprise South America. (Trinidad and Tobago are treated as part of the Caribbean.)

Smaller genera
Let's cover the easy groups first. The following plants are in South America:

A set of species occur in South America, all of which are endemic to the region:

About half of this genus occurs in South America, and most are endemics:

With the short lists aside, let us now look at the two genera that dominate South America (at least in numbers of species:

And now, a genus to completely overwhelm you:

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