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Travels with Booger, 2006

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More flowers!
Duh! I should say we did! Here is a nice growth of P. pumila plants just 100m from the previous plants. These are such vigorous little critters their flowers reminded me of P. agnata--they were very tropical in appearance. Some of the seed capsules were already ripe, by the way, and were in the process of scattering seed onto the ground. Mike didn't complain as I took all my gear back out of his car--just moments after having helped me stow it all away.

How can I express how darling these little plants were? Quivering and fluttering in the breeze, reaching above the grasses. Now, more than a month later, I can't help but smile looking at them.

Even though I enjoyed photographing these plants, I felt I didn't quite capture their sweet looks. Something about the plants eluded me...I hadn't captured their souls. This chewed at me as I picked up my gear. The images looked good, but I didn't quite portray what I wanted.

Incidentally, the ground, while looking solid, was actually quite soft. Not completely loose mud, nor was it packed hard. It was something between those extremes--obviously fragile soil.

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