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Appalachian Excursion in 2005!

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Sunny day:
On our last day, Mandy and my flights were leaving in midafternoon. This meant we had plenty of time for a final morning trip. The sun was bright and contrasty, as you can see here, but I had my diffuser box with me so I hoped I would be able to get some nice photographs.

This site is owned by The Nature Conservancy. I'm more than a little proud to note that for the last three years the International Carnivorous Plant Society has been helping fund restoration efforts here. When I saw the place three years ago, frankly I didn't see any carnivorous plants that really seemed photographable. The problem was that the heavy overgrowth (both natives and exotics) was shading the carnivores.

On this visit, I was thrilled to see the results from all the work that has been done at the site. It was fantastic to see fabulous sunny clearings where just a few years ago the plants were fighting it out in a dense thicket of shrubs and trees. If you are an ICPS member, you should feel pleased that your conservation money is being spent so effectively.

There were several clearings, but we only had time to really explore this one carefully.

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