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Appalachian Excursion in 2005!

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Developing pitchers:
As these images were taken about three months ago, these leaves should be mature and looking fine right now. Perhaps the upper part of the pitchers are expanded, as should be the case for Sarracenia jonesii. From this photograph it sure looks like they should be!

The bright background is reflected water flowing over the rocky bald.

As I mentioned before, Mandy and I spent the rest of the day exploring other balds in the area, looking for more Sarracenia jonesii. While we were unsuccessful in finding more pitcher plant sites, we did see this cool slug as big as my index finger--just like the millipede!

Imagine our mood shift, half an hour later, when tromping about we realized that we had inadvertantly ventured onto someone's private property, and were on the wrong side of some very aggressive "No Trespassing" signs! It was easy to conjure visions of being shot by an angry survivalist hermit. We ducked straight back into the forest, and used my GPS to navigate a big circle back to our car, staying far away from our estimations of the property lines. Fortunately, we found our way back to safety without getting shot.

That evening we returned to Greenville to spend the night at the house of another set of friends. Over dinner I laid out the next day's plans to Mandy, and...she bagged on me!!! (More about that later.)

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