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Appalachian Excursion in 2005!

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I'm not proficient at keying out violets, but we saw many species on this trip. Here's one--a very nice little plant.

Our next site, again in South Carolina, was quite close to the previous one. However, it was a very different kind of site. You see, near the northwestern border of South Carolina you encounter an escarpment. This geological term indicates a change in elevation between two abutting areas, usually expressed as a big line of cliffs. The Carolina escarpment is beautiful because the exposed rock is often flat at the top, and then curves ever steeper until it is essentially vertical. The exposed rock face consists of a huge unbroken sheet--any bits that break free slide down the cliff into the forest below. I was fortunate to see it from the air when I arrived and left by commercial airlines, and from that viewpoint it is truly spectacular.

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