The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Appalachian Excursion in 2005!

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Little pond:
After both good and bad navigation choices, we found ourselves by this little pond. OK, it was certainly cute. But was it the pond we were looking for? The outflow end had a berm, which indicated this was yet another artificial pond; perhaps at one point it was a nice wet seepage site. I clambered to the water's edge and looked for carnivores. Nothing, although the Sphagnum here and there was encouraging. We followed the inevitable circumnavigating lake trail and popped down to the water's edge from time to time to look for plants. While we found no carnivorous plants, we did get sliced and scratched nicely by some aggressive and heavily armed noncarnivores.

I was still quietly optimistic we were at the right site because from one viewpoint I saw that a distant part of the shoreline had a number of monitoring stakes and flags. I guessed that those flags were probably for something rare, oh, perhaps something like Federally Endangered pitcher plants!

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