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Appalachian Excursion in 2005!

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We found this site easily enough, and casually walked past all the "Trespassing! Do Not Enter!" signs. (You see, we had obtained permission to visit from the managers.) The site had very clearly been burned within the last several months as all the underbrush was gone and the few remaining shrubs were charred at the base. I was very pleased to see that the plants were more advanced in growth than I expected them to be; pitchers were nearly open on most of the plants, and flower buds were also nearly mature. Here is another view.

By the way, the trip from the the previous site to this one was made interesting by a hyperbolic rainstorm. At times we had to slow to about 10 miles per hour; the windshield wipers slapped furiously to and fro as the heavy rains reduced visibility to near nil. Unlike Mandy, I really love storms and actually whooped as we entered the heavy squall line. For more than an hour lightning flashed and thunder crashed. I loved it!

Conveniently for us, the rains let up when we found the Sarracenia oreophila. Although we only had a drizzle to deal with as we explored, the ground was saturated; it was clear that this site had experienced its share of rain!

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