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The Whisperers in the Boglands

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A bog in fall
Spectacular colors, eh? (This has not been retouched by me in any way.) The Sphagnum carpeting in the part of the bog seems to consist of two forms--an orange type and a deep-purple-red type. Are they different species, or the same species but differing ages?

I like how the pitcher plants are poking through the mat. Look how only the hoods and pitcher openings are visible. This is what I was talking about earlier, when I mentioned pitfall traps and Portuguese man-of-wars.

I spent the rest of my daylight hours at this site exploring the remarkable variety in clump after clump of pitchers. I wish that every person who wanted to create a cultivar name for their "exceptional" plant would spend some time in the field--they would see there is a whole lot more diversity in a single bog than in all the collections of the world, and may see that their "exceptional" plant is not really so rare or unprecedented after all.

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