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The Whisperers in the Boglands

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Book II: Return of the Geek
And so, called back to the boglands by unsatisfied desires, return I did on my second trip to New England just a few weeks later! And of course, I found my way back to the very same pond in Massachusetts. This time I came prepared--I brought my little aquarium so I could capture aquatics and photograph them properly. And in the weeks between my two trips, I had tracked down the preserve manager and obtained permission from her to collect a few plants for further study (using a 1-in-20 collection rule), and to explore the pond more fully if the Utricularia were no longer present at the end of the boardwalk. Thanks, Karen L!

So here, starting off my set of photographs of Utricularia geminiscapa, is a nice image showing the leaves and bladders. A cool plant. This photograph was taken using my flash gear, and shows the true color of the plants.

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