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Utricularia macrorhiza?
I love finding Utricularia, because the species identification is always a potential puzzle. So what was the plant before us? It was an aquatic free-floater, so that eliminated many of the other species in the area (such as U. resupinata and so on). Clearly it was a plant from "section Utricularia." Based on gross vegetative morphology, I eliminated a few more possibilities like U. radiata or U. intermedia, and was left with species like U. macrorhiza, U. minor, and U. gibba. I leaned towards U. macrorhiza because the plants were so large--they would have been spectacularly large specimens if they were one of the two latter species. A check of the ultimate leaf segments revealed lateral setulae, eliminating U. minor. So it was probably U. macrorhiza, even though it looked a little weird for reasons that I had not quite yet formulated.

(I'm including this geeky information if you are curious about what goes on inside the mind of a person as they identifying Utricularia. In case you care!)

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