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Sarracenia alata with a lagniappe, 2005

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Parrot pitcher:
And here is a nice little Sarracenia psittacina, getting ready to flower. We found this and other Sarracenia psittacina plants growing in the wettest spots along the road, on the muddy edges of standing water. Did you notice, by examining the history of older leaves, that this plant does not make ascending leaves? Do some Sarracenia psittacina always make prostrate leaves, while others make both erect and prostrate leaves? Is this some kind of analogue to phyllodia? Or is this something that only some races of the species engage in?

I wonder how many more seasons this plant has before it is killed by the very efficient drainage pipes that the blue-bloused Beelzebub longs for? Yeah, you can tell that my mood took a turn for the worse after my encounter with Belial. But what do you expect? These lovely plants are but pearls before swine. But what can you do when the swine are the ones calling the shots?

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