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Sarracenia alata with a lagniappe, 2005

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Our next few days were spent exploring the bayous of the Pascagoula River and the Gulf Islands National Seashore, and then we returned to New Orleans for another epoch of gluttony.

Barry to shucker at Acme Oyster House: "We'll start with two dozen oysters, please, while we decide on our order." Oh the joy!

On our last day in Lousiana, we visited some wildlands south of New Orleans and saw this cool ball of (mating?) broad-banded watersnakes. Quite dark morphs, these are. We counted eight heads, but there might have been a few hidden in all those scaly loops.

But I digress. As final carnivorous plant lagniappe, I want to roll the chronology back a few days to an afternoon that Beth and I spent near the Pascagoula River, Mississippi...

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