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Sarracenia alata with a lagniappe, 2005

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Classic flower:
The creamy, pale flowers of Sarracenia alata remind me of the faded white you see on antique lace. I think the effect is divine. A bouquet (or, "bokays" as the vulgar would spell it, alas) would make an excellent wedding choice--and no cat urine smell like from Sarracenia flava. Mind you, regarding Sarracenia and wedding colors, I know what I'm talking about: Beth and I timed our late-summer wedding to occur when Sarracenia leucophylla leaves look their best--our wedding colors were cream-white and red (per S. leucophylla leaf coloration), and large specimens1 were on each table. Romantic or geekeola? Perhaps both?

While Beth photographed her beloved Pinguicula (the genus occupies a soft spot in her heart) and some gone-by Sarracenia flowers that intrigued her, I searched for an oddity...I was looking for something in particular...

1No Sarracenia were harmed in the making of our wedding.

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