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Sarracenia alata with a lagniappe, 2005

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Could you remind me again why people think this is a boring, bland plant? Wow!

Just writing up these web-notes, I am struck for the first time by that pretty green lip, indented a little like Sarracenia flava. Nice.

While I was first setting up this photograph, Beth found Exyra moths living in pitchers. These are very pretty moths that live inside Sarracenia pitchers and damage them (while the moths are in the larval stage, of course). Some years, the moths damage a large percentage of the pitchers. During such years the moths don't seem as pretty--just part of life's big circle, right? I have heard that if Exyra get into large carnivorous plant collections they can be extremely damaging. So this is another reason why you shouldn't field collect plants!

While I was photographing this plant (it can take awhile to get a shot set up correctly), Beth--some distance away--started radioing to me about her newest discovery.

I'll give you a hint....yellow flowers. Know what it was?

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