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Sarracenia alata with a lagniappe, 2005

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Flowers, flowers, flowers:
Not too shabby, eh? We stopped the car and ranged around the pitcher plant fields for a while before setting up our camera gear. Flowers and developing pitchers were everywhere! It was fabulous. I am happy to see that at least this part of Mississippi still has acres and acres and acres that look like this. You can work yourself into a dreamy trance by wandering from stand to stand of pitcher plants. I imagine this is what many parts of the southeastern USA was like when I was growing up, back when our wetlands and pitcher plant sites were not mostly trashed.

You can notice from the horizon line, sloping slightly to the right, that there was actually topography. It is always a surprise to see slopes and hillsides in pitcher plant habitat, since so much of it occurs in flat terrain, downstream of the fall line.

It was a nice and sunny day. But unfortunately it made for some very contrasty, burnt-out pictures. Sorry about that.

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