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Sarracenia alata with a lagniappe, 2005

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Another sundew:
Ah, Drosera capillaris! After I found this "cappy," I found another, then another, then another. That's how it usually goes. This is a pretty little plant, isn't it? I carefully examined the stipules and found it was consistent with Drosera capillaris. I didn't expect anything peculiar in the stipules, but it's good to check the normal plants so you know what "normal" is.

While I worked with this plant, Beth ranged around the fields somewhere to the north and reported to me via walkie talkie about what she was seeing. Apparently she was in a big field of Sarracenia alata to the north of me. It sounded like she was having a good time, seeing neat stuff.

Just as I triggered the shutter for this image, I heard a very strange, long DWOING, like a note plucked on a loose cello string. I looked up and saw that the heavy power cables overhead were dropping down towards both me and the rental car, bouncing in the air as they descended. I jumped up off my belly and darted to the rental car, started it up and pulled it out from underneath the sagging power lines. My heart was pounding, as I had no idea of how much further the cables would drop, or even if they were live. With eyes as big as pingpong balls, I looked off to the utility workers in the distance; I could see a few of them giving me a casual friendly wave (no doubt while grinning), I suppose to say, "Oh by the way, we cut the cables, OK?"

The wires, now almost low enough to touch, shuddered now and again like a giant Ray-Harryhausen-nine-headed-hydra in its death throes. I decided a safer playground was preferable, so I gathered my gear and headed north to see what Beth had found.

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