The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Montane California Darlingtonia in mid-winter, 2010

The Trip:
There are a few sites where Darlingtonia occurs at very high elevation in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. One of them consists of a large wet seepage in a clearing in the pine woods, and the Darlingtonia grow thick there.

I have been to this site countless times over the years, but always during some part of the growing season. I wondered: what was the site like during the middle of winter? Did the stream flow seepage keep the snow melted, or did the site get completely covered by snow?

In January 2010, I decided to visit the location. A big storm was on its way, but as long as my wife and I got in to the site, and out before sunset, we were likely to be done with our work and fun before the snowfall interfered with our plans. So we grabbed our camera gear, warm clothes, snow shoes, and headed to the mountains!

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Revised: February 2010
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