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Western Australia in 2007

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Rock climbing:
We climbed down from the micro-mesa, descending in a direction different from the one we used in our ascent, and encountered a nice wet seep where the water percolated over a flat granite outcrop.

It was getting late in the day, and light was failing. Not fair! There were still so much to see! Ranging about, I reviewed the ranks of familiar Drosera and some trollies too. Allen found this Drosera macrantha that had dispensed with its usual shrub-climbing habit for rock-climbing.

Beth, meanwhile, had run into the bush in chase of black cockatoos that she had seen flying spectacularly and noisily overhead. In the excitement she misplaced her bird book, which took a while for us to find. This confusing distraction resulted in her leaving her pro-grade tripod in the bush! I didn't mind this too much, though, because it meant she couldn't make fun of my leaving my tripod for a few hours at the Drosera marchantii site two days earlier!

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