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Western Australia in 2007

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Guiana highlands:
We returned to the car for a rather long drive through the bush. As we traveled, we shared thoughts on Drosera species delineations, Australian culture, and a smattering of pop culture. Beth learned that Allen was a skilled musician adept at ProTools, a software package that she uses in working with sound-based art compositions. Meanwhile, I observed that Allen was a skilled driver, when a big western grey kangaroo jumped in front of us, skidding on its side like a baseball player sliding into home base--Allen artfully maneuvered the car to straddle the 'roo, which after we passed over it bounded into the bush!

It took about an hour of travel for us to reach our final site for the day, a patch of bush in the Eucalyptus forest with small hill all of about 20 meters tall. Its crest was marked by a ringing cliff wall, and its top was absolutely flat. We jokingly referred to it as a "micro-mesa" and "tiny tepui."

Instead of Heliamphora, we found Drosera barbigera. Dang, those are hairy flowers.

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