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Western Australia in 2007

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A familiar plant:
We reached a patch of sparsely forested bush that Phill had been seeking all along. We crisscrossed the hillside on foot, looking for whatever might be growing under the jarrah and marri, but not really finding much.

After perhaps ten minutes, Phill let on that his goal was Drosera marchantii. I searched my memory for the particulars of this species, and came up with the useless and quite wrong profile of a scrambling sundew. I think I was recalling information on Drosera macrantha, which my brain stores about three neurons away from the Drosera marchantii information.

I wasn't absolutely consumed by the excitement of a search for a plant that was probably only minutely different from the Drosera macrantha we had seen earlier, so it was especially easy for me to be distracted by these Drosera rosulata plants. They looked very nice--certainly nicer than what I had anticipated for the non-existent Drosera marchantii.

(I wish to point out that my somewhat blasé attitude about looking for a new sundew really indicates how spoiled I had become on this Australia trip!)

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