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Western Australia in 2007

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Rocky slope:
In a break from his usual way of depositing us effortlessly and flawlessly in front of plants, Phill took us on an exploration through a network of roads, just looking for what we might see. We were in the forested hills several km outside of Harvey, and because of all the heavy rains, many of the candidate roads were dangerously mudded over. Phill had ideas of where he wanted to take us, but large stretches of murky wallowing holes in the road turned us back again and again. It was only after Plan A was deemed unpromising, Plan B was discarded, and Plan C failed that we settled on a successful approach.

Near the place Phill was seeking, we saw an ephemeral stream gushing over a side road. Getting out to see what was there, we found Drosera stolonifera growing on the steep slope.

Here is another view of the plants.

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