The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Western Australia in 2007

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Stuck in a rut:
The population of plants was quite small, so we were extremely careful to make sure we didn't step on any. This made photography of some of the plants impossible because we just couldn't get close enough to them. But always, always, err on the side of protecting the plants.

On one side of the population there was a deep water-cut drainage, and it provided a convenient place to set up a tripod to photograph, as you can see Beth doing. Do you see the white-flowering bush at the top margin of the photograph, slightly to the right of where Beth is looking? Perhaps you can pick out the tiny reddish D. gibsonii rosettes clustering at the base of the shrub.

While Beth continued to photograph, I ranged around the area, but could not find any other D. gibsonii populations. I never like it when much of a plant's entire population is so close to a road. I hope that other as-yet undiscovered populations occur someplace else.

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Revised: December 2007
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