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Western Australia in 2007

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Many plants:
Here is a large cluster of plants, with a red Drosera purpurascens in the foreground.

The sun was still out, so photographing them required a lot more shower curtain work. Also, the wind had become incorrigible, so to shield the plants I constructed a small upwind igloo out of the dead skeletons of dense shrubs. Madness, truly madness. But this was Drosera platypoda, and I had lost all sense of balance!

Funny, isn't it. You look at this image and infer an entirely natural setting, when just out of site an insane photographer holding aloft a wind-flapping shower curtain was hopping around a small berm constructed from dead bushes. I imagine I looked like some interpretive dancer in some post-modern dance troupe. And a not-very-good one, at that. I can only thank heavens that Phill (and his nasty camera) was busy helping Beth.

Here is another D. platypoda image, sort of a pair of "leaning towers of sundew," with another scrambling sundew in the background; from its color I would guess D. menziesii.

(Incidentally, after I was done, I carefully disassembled and dispersed the elements of my bushy architecture.)

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