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Western Australia in 2007

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Hilltop view:
Time was running out with the sun setting, so we quickly jumped out and started scouring the brush. I had noticed over the previous few days that Phill amused himself by waiting until the last possible moment to reveal what we were likely to see at each site--it might not be until we were exiting the car, or even until we were unknowingly standing right on top of the plants, before he'd announce our quarry. I was used to this by now, and was pretty sure he had something in mind even though he seemed so casual when he suggested "Let's look around."

Ah, Drosera erythrorhiza subsp. erythrorhiza! I was happy to see this since I had encountered it only once before, during a very rainy day. This plant was particularly large, but it was not alone. There were other smaller specimens of this plant here, too:
Small D. erythrorhiza subsp. erythrorhiza
Red D. erythrorhiza subsp. erythrorhiza

As nice as it was to see these again, I suspected Phill had something else in mind.

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