The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Western Australia in 2007

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Worth the wet:
Here is the plant, climbing the tea trees. As I photographed this, I realized something very exciting. Even though my camera was at head-height on my tripod, it was pointing slightly upwards. In other words, the plant was taller then I was! This plant was well over 2 meters tall!

Behold, the mighty Drosera erythrogyne! I could see that there were many other D. erythrogyne further off in the trees, but the undergrowth was so thick and prickly it would have been impossible to get to them. Even where I stood, the footing was very unreliable--I was not even standing on the ground; rather I was on a bouncy and intertwining network of branches and downed lumber.

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Revised: December 2007
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